The VisMath Anthology

Experience-centered Approach and Visuality in the Education of Mathematics and Physics. Kaposvár University, 2012. Board of Editors: Javier Barrallo, Mateja Budin, Anthony Durity, Kristóf Fenyvesi, Slavik Jablan, Anna Kling Takács, Ljiljana Radović, Radmila Sazdanović, Eleonóra Stettner. Layout: János Szász Saxon. Everyone who finds beauty and joy in mathematics and physics is well aware that knowledge in[…]

Farewell to Our Friend and Colleague, Slavik Jablan

On February 26, 2015 morning, after long battling with his serious illness, great friend and colleague Slavik Jablan passed away. He was a mathematician, internationally renowned specialist of visual mathematics, knot theory, symmetry studies and a number of other interdisciplinary fields. As one of the founders of Experience Workshop Math-Art Movement, Slavik has done a lot for the popularization of experience[…]

Promoting Bridges Conference, Symmetry Festival and Experience Workshop in Wroclaw, European Capital of Culture in 2016

On January 8-12, 2014, by the invitation of Prof. Malgorzata Mikolajczyk from the Wroclaw University’s Mathematical Institute, three of our members visited the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland to promote the activity of Bridges Organization, International Symmetry Association (ISA) and the Experience Workshop. During our 4 days visit György Darvas (ISA), Slavik Jablan (Experience Workshop) and Kristóf Fenyvesi (Bridges – ISA – Experience Workshop) held several presentations[…]