Poly-Universe fills the new issue of Symmetrion – downloadable

Symmetry: Culture and Science. Poly-Universe in School Education Editor: György Darvas Volume 31, Number 1, 1-112, 2020 The new issue of the Symmetrion journal is devoted to experiences with the use of the STEAM toolkit Poly-Universe in and out of the classroom. The issue relies on the outcomes of the Poly-Universe in School Education Erasmus+[…]

4d Frame resources

Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe modelling toolkit STEAM Learning Materials     4Dframe videos:   Presentation Materials for Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe activities: Bridge Building Challenge Snowflake Science Football and Basketball with Giant Molecules Let’s Build a Small Geodesic Dome! 4Dframe Warka Water 4Dframe Wind & Water Power 4Dframe Mechanical Instruments 4Dframe Sierpinski Tetrahedron 4Dframe “Bubbleology” Let’s Build[…]

Aesthetics of Interdisciplinarity: Art and Mathematics

This anthology fosters an interdisciplinary dialogue between the mathematical and artistic approaches in the field where mathematical and artistic thinking and practice merge. The articles included highlight the most significant current ideas and phenomena, providing a multifaceted and extensive snapshot of the field and indicating how interdisciplinary approaches are applied in the research of various[…]

Adventures On Paper. New teaching material with GeoGebra applications

  Math-Art Activities for Experience-centered Education of Mathematics   Edited by Kristóf Fenyvesi, Ilona Oláhné Téglási and Ibolya Prokajné Szilágyi Publisher: Eszterházy Károly College, Eger, 2014 ISBN: 978-615-5297-25-0 This publication is a pedagogical toolkit, which presents hands-on materials and detailed methodological descriptions for the realization of almost forty interactive math-art workshops in the classroom. A[…]