Hallå STEAM! svensk-finska STEAM Learning Day (2018-2021)

Upptäckter, kreativitet, vetenskap och språkinlärning med hjälp av historia och fantasi, en del av Svenska Kulturfondens Hallå! -program Den svensk-finska STEAM Learning Day erbjuder olika slag av STEAM aktiviteter. En del grundar sig på olika förbindelser mellan vetenskap och konst inom ramen för den svensk-finska historien. HALLÅ STEAM! organiseras som en form av dramapedagogik, berättande eller rollspel,[…]

Logifaces methodology Erasmus+ – Analogue game for digital minds 2019-

Logifaces is a geometric skill development game created by Hungarian architect and designer Daniel Lakos. The Logifaces set is made up of 16 truncated prism blocks. The 16 pieces contain 11 different types of prisms, each of them identifiable by the height of their three vertices. The rule of the game is to build a[…]

Erasmus+ Mathina 2018-

MATHINA – innovative digital mathematics for educators, young learners, and parents to connect non-formal and formal learning Mathina is a two-year collaboration Erasmus+ project between five European organizations, to promote mathematical thinking by developing, implementing, and disseminating open educational tools adequate to the digital age. The participants on this project are: Atractor (Portugal),  Bragi Vizualne Komunikacije (Slovenia), […]

Maths in Motion Erasmus+ 2017-2019

The goal of Maths in Motion was to create new teaching and learning material in which body movement is the innovative and inclusive element in teaching mathematics.The project was coordinated by Experience Workshop in Finland. Teaching and learning materials: Maths in Motion bibliography: https://oldevechte.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Maths-in-Motion_Bibliography.pdf The Maths in Motion Workbook is a collection of activities and[…]

Poly-Universe in School Education (PUSE) Erasmus+ project (2017-2019)

The Poly-Universe tool offers a new perspective for preschool, primary and secondary school mathematics and art education by promoting: learning by doing playful education problem-solving through the combination of mathematics and arts. The inventor of the unique geometrical system is Hungarian visual artist János Saxon-Szász.             You can download for free:[…]

Experience Workshop’s „Sillat” project is launched in Finland

Anni, Maria, Nora and Maia preparing “Sillat” at Jyvälän Settlement How to build bridges between people using the STEAM approach? How to contribute to language learning? How to support integration into society? How to learn from each other? “Sillat” is the Finnish word for “Bridges”. Sillat is Experience Workshop’s new project, which launches on September[…]

Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM! Erasmus+ (2015-2017)

The goal of the Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM (KIKS) international Erasmus+ project was to raise students’ awareness towards the multi- and transdisciplinary connections between the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), and make learning about these fields more enjoyable. In order to achieve these goals, the KIKS project popularized the STEAM-concept by projects[…]