Robotics and topology in Ulvila with Hallå STEAM / Robotik och topologi i Ulfsby

Vårt Hallå STEAM-team besökte Ulvilan lukio den 20 januari 2020. Vi förverkligade två olika workshops, var och en på 1 h 30 min. Inalles deltog 80 elever i evenemanget som var en del av skolans speciella “Vetenskapsvecka”. I den första workshopen bjöd Kristóf Fenyvesi och Johan Stén eleverna att testa den praktiska robotverktygssatsen 4Dframe Mechatronics. Eleverna var ivriga[…]

POSTPONED! CADGME – Digital Tools in Mathematics Education conference in Jerusalem

Announcement (March 19, 2020) The CADGME 2020 Program Committee  and the Organizing Committee monitored closely the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic that affects many countries, almost all of the world. In such a situation, it has been decided to postpone the CADGME 2020 conference by one year and to have a CADGME 2020-21 conference June[…]

Experience Workshop’s STEAM Invaders program at Heureka’s Space Weeks

Experience Workshop’s STEAM Invaders’ program took place between 3-14 February 2020 at Heureka Science Center Helsinki. Experience Workshop’s STEAM inspirators were: Matias Kaukolinna, Kerry Osborne and Junyi Sun. Building up STEAM Invaders’ gigantic space base The structure is a 3-meters- high, 5-meters wide geodesic dome, an exact copy of NASA’s space architecture, designed by the[…]

Experience Workshop at the ROBOTEX International festival in Tallinn

ROBOTEX International, one of the major robotics gatherings and festivals in the world, was organized in Tallinn, Estonia, on 29-30. November 2019. Experience Workshop was there with a lecture and two workshops. Kristóf Fenyvesi, founder of Experience Workshop, spoke about Experience Workshop’s robotics pedagogical projects, which participants were able to test in practice.  The entire[…]

Experience Workshop’s Hungarian logical games at the Varga-Nemenyi seminar

Kerry Osborne, Experience Workshop’s STEAM trainer presented Hungarian logical games to teachers, who are applying the Varga-Neményi mathematics pedagogy in their teaching practice. The Varga-Neményi method is well known in Finland and is of Hungarian origin.  The training took place in the Balassi Institute Helsinki, 16.11.2019. Participants got acquainted with CaraWonga, a mosaic puzzle game[…]

Experience Workshop at Helsinki Education Week

Design and thinking: creative mathematics experience workshop! Developing problem-solving abilities through arts and play 7-8. November 2019., Balassi Institute / Hungarian Cultural and Scientific Centre Helsinki  Experience Workshop’s new Hungarian educational games were introduced during the Helsinki Education Week in the Balassi Institute. At the workshops elementary and high school students gained new experiences with tools as[…]

Experience Workshop at The heart of Jyväskylä – Jyväskylän sydän

A 24-hour festival in Jyväskylä’s theatre building called The heart of Jyväskylä / Jyväsyklän sydän demonstrated on the 20th of November what a concentration of creativity there is in this town. Experience Workshop teamed up with Jyvälä Settlements to contribute a multicultural STEAM and music event to the long day.   The event is part[…]

Maths Festival in Helsinki’s Maunula school with Experience Workshop

The Maunula School and Helsinki’s mathematics high school has invited students and teachers to their mathematics and sciences festival called “Harppi” (=”compass”) on 9.11.2019.  Experience Workshop contributed with three types of workshops: 1. 4DFrame soccer robots lead by Matias Kaukolinna 2. Giant fractals (4DFrame) coordinated by Kristof Fenyvesi 3. Body geometry or Maths in Motion […]